Garden Design






Has your garden become an unused space, looking a bit dull and boring or is it impractical and no longer fit for purpose? Would you like to maximise your outdoor space and create a beautiful garden that works for you? Knowing what to do with your garden and getting the most from it can be a daunting prospect, getting your ideas to work in the best way can be difficult but this is where Waller & Son can help, we have a wealth of knowledge working on homes and gardens with over 20 years experience so no matter what your budget or garden size we can help. Being a garden & home improvements business and coming from a landscaping background we know first hand how to bring ideas together from the design stage all the way through to the construction process. As your designers we will work with you to create a garden that suits your needs and requirements and as your Landscapers we work extremely hard turning that design into a reality, giving you a beautiful outdoor space you can be proud of.


The initial consultation is free, this is where we discuss ideas, take a look at the space in question, discuss your needs, your requirements and also any dislikes. Also get a rough idea of your budget for your project.

At this stage I will take all measurements needed, note any buildings/structures etc and take some photos to enable the next stage of design.

Using all my gathered information, I will produce a drawn to scale pencil drawing which includes any ideas we’ve spoken about.

Once you have viewed the design

we can then discuss any changes (if required) you would like to make. I will then if required make any amendments/changes until you are fully satisfied with your design.

Once your happy and we have a finalised concept drawing we are able to construct and create the garden from this stage, It will also include a detailed estimate for the construction works required, if you are then happy to go ahead with your estimate and design, you will have your initial design fee refunded, this will be taken off your final bill for works.

If needed I will then produce a more detailed pencil drawn design, drawn to scale.

Garden design fees start from £180.00 This price includes a site survey, concept drawing and if needed a final detailed design drawn to scale. Payment would be due after the free initial consultation.

Once you have received your concept drawing and detailed estimate, if you are then happy for Waller & Son to go ahead with the construction works you will have your initial design fee refunded, this will be taken off your final bill for works.